PIRAD Enterprises Private Limited is the collector and seller of old antique in U.K our antique gallery include all old articles from all over the world and old coins of India, china, Pakistan, Nepal, south Africa, U.S.A and British coins (East India Company).

Have you got something weird or magical that you’d like to SELL ABROAD !!!!
  • Coins

    Old Indian, American, Australian, Chinese coins & more
  • Painting

    Old painting made by oil, water color, clothes, bamboo grass & more
  • Pots & Jar

    Old vessels pot, plate, Road made by brass, silver, Iridium & more
  • Meter

    Old clock, compass, meters, Optical lenses made by brass, silver & more

Our Services

We are collecting and selling an old and aged antique, time to time we are describe our collection through UK, Australia .USA exhibition to people our collection contains several number of items such as old coin, currency notes, old stamp, various utensil’s , foreign items such as British ,Indian, American, old vessels, deferent type of coins, such as Edward king, George king, queen Victoria silver coins, copper coins, republic Indian, American ,Russian coin etc. old bank notes, old British Indian documents and stamp papers, holy book, wood objects etc.